P7 Leavers Night

Proud teachers, proud parents, great children!  P7, we wish you all the very best in your next schools.

Primary Seven Outing June 2017

Titanic Distress Signals

We used electrical circuits with buzzers to send morse codes signals across the room to each other.

We looked very closely at Hokusai's Great Wave.  We talked about how he used line, shape, colour, texture, pattern and tone.  We used these ideas to create our own paintings of a great wave.  We also made Titanic themed mono-print tiles and used them to create repeat patterns.  We are very proud of our Titanic art.

We went to Titanic Belfast and the Thompson Dock and Pumphouse. We had a great day learning more about Titanic.

A few of our Titanic drawings

There was some great discussion going on in our Philosophy time this morning.

We went to the RADAR Centre in Belfast to learn about all sorts of safety awareness and risk reduction.

Icebergs = Great Science, great Maths, great fun!

P6/7 picked the apples from the school garden, P6/7 got the apple pie!  Thank you very much Mrs Young, it was yummy!!

Testing Boat Propellers

Scientists at Work!

There were no hydraulic cranes to lift heavy loads during the building of Titanic.  Pulleys were used instead.  We investigated how pulleys work.  We carried out fair tests.  We had to hypothesise, predict, experiment, measure, observe and record.  It was very important for us to work well with others in our groups. We connected learning in History, Science, Technology , Maths, Literacy and Thinking skills and Personal Capabilities.  

Planning Our Learning

Our 2016-2017 school year is off to a great start! Here we are working in groups to plan our learning for this term.  At Carrowreagh the children have a big input into their own learning.  This term we are learning through a theme called 'Unsinkable'. We planned what we want to learn about Titanic and other things through this theme.  We will soon have all these empty boards full of wonderful work.

Our Primary Seven Leavers and their families at their special evening.  What a lovely evening we had honouring these great young people.  We are very proud of them and wish them all the very best in the next phase of their life journeys at their new schools.

Primary Seven Leavers' Outing

RNLI Hit the Surf Activities at East Strand, Portrush

Our visit to Armagh Planetarium

RNLI's Johnny and Davy came in to school to teach us about safety at the beach

We had some very interesting visitors to our classroom today to help us learn more about living things.

Primary Seven Bowling